About Us


Welcome to Westside Motorcycle Collective, an exclusive community born out of the love for motorcycles and the exhilarating freedom of the open road. Based in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California, we are a collective of passionate riders who come together to celebrate the thrill of motorcycling, regardless of the type of bike you ride.

Our name, "Westside," pays homage to the origins of our original riders, all of whom reside or work on the Westside of Los Angeles. It also reflects our deep love for the breathtaking coastal rides that characterize our region.

Westside Motorcycle Collective is not a motorcycle club. We are a community that shares a common interest in motorcycling and collaborates to achieve our collective objectives.

At Westside, we live by three core values that shape our experiences on the road:

Ride Your Ride: Our most cherished value, "Ride your ride," represents the freedom to ride in a manner that resonates with your personal style. We firmly believe that every rider should have the liberty to express themselves on the road, regardless of how their riding style may be perceived by others.

Split Lanes: Embracing the iconic West Coast style, we wholeheartedly endorse lane splitting. Our collective appreciates the advantages it offers, and we encourage safe and responsible lane sharing practices.

Respect Other Riders: Mutual respect forms the foundation of our community. We foster an environment where all riders are encouraged to treat one another with kindness, consideration, and understanding. We believe that upholding respect for fellow riders creates a positive and harmonious riding experience.

The concept of Westside Motorcycle Collective was born in 2022 when we recognized the need for a welcoming community that embraces the West Coast style of riding. We observed that many group rides did not cater to our preferred riding approach, so we set out to create a space where riders like us could come together and enjoy the camaraderie of the road.

Our vision is simple: We believe that no one should dictate how you ride your ride, as long as you prioritize the safety and respect of fellow riders. In our collective, strict formations are non-existent, lane sharing is encouraged, and we even welcome stunting as long as it is performed responsibly and with due regard for others.

Join Westside Motorcycle Collective, where you can experience the true essence of motorcycling freedom while fostering a community that values individuality, camaraderie, and respect for all riders. Together, let's embrace the open road and embark on unforgettable adventures that celebrate our shared passion for motorcycles.